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Why You Should Care About Your Musical Window Blinds

I know you all love music and you won’t believe what I just found out. There are now window blinds that operate to the sound of music. There are some window shades that adapt to the light outside your home or to the music you are playing inside.

You can find on this website, which is the best window blinds website there is. On this website you will only see their normal shades but if you call, they will tell you about the ones I’m talking about.


For example if you are listening to happy music then the shades automatically allow more sun to come through and you can find these solar shades at, and These are the ones that allow the light to come through with the music. You can see more info at PRIME Blinds And for blackout shades check out and

However, let’s say you are playing dark and emotional music, then these window treatments also detect this and make the room more of a blackout appearable and you can find those over at, and With that you will be able to black out the sun when you really want to only focus on your music.

The Daily Musical Stew


Musical Stew Daily is the first show of its kind.

We are music lovers here to create an avenue for music aficionados to share and discuss music. The way our show works is simple.

We have three DJ’s that will play user requests. Now and days some of the web developer are getting really creative, my friend from was showing me a site that the site will slide and change with any song that you are playing on your laptop. You can go find us online and from there you are given the option to like or dislike the current music being played.

A cool element to this show is that it is streamed all around the world at the same time. For example, one of our most loyal listeners is a locksmith McAllen , TX who listens to us as he drives around helping people with whatever they need.

We have also added the social media aspect by letting users create accounts with their information. Through social media, now that I have installed them in my home. Room darkening shades would also be a great option for a lot of people. For more on blinds and motorized blinds go to these great sources. It’s been a long day, so make it better by getting blinds at and they have multiple shades on headrails at, and So go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy roller curtains at, or Things like the shades made of fabric can be found at, and There you will find more window shades such as roman shades and bamboo blinds.  You can get some outstanding horizontal blinds like these fabric vertical blinds and also their sun shades are great too. Another great company that you should know about is Say Yes Online Store for wedding dresses. They carry white cheap bridal gowns , affordable sexy bridesmaid dress to make your bridesmaids feel beautiful and wedding dresses plus sized because not everyone is a size 6. This company is great because of their commitment to the customer and providing a huge value to them during the most important time in their life. There is an endless selection of wedding dresses for all styles and budgets.


On any user account, you are given the persons name, picture, and favorite music of all time.

If you happen to play a musical selection that isn’t on the user’s list, they have the option of adding it. To change it up a little bit, we want to tell you about two great companies that we have worked with. The first is Blinds by SWB which is a company that fabricates motorized blinds mimai and have worked with us on a handful of projects. Another great company to work with is
Superior Aluminum Distributors which is an extruder and supplies companies with custom aluminum tubing sizes that vary depending on the type of project they are needed for.

If they end up adding your musical selection to the list, you are rewarded with virtual cash to spend at our online store. Our online store is full of great collectibles that music lovers are sure to love. So next time you want to watch a real music lover’s show, make sure you visit Musical Stew Daily. We are proud to be the first place a music lover visits.